WEEK 17 NFL PICKS (December 30)

This is the condensed version of picks for the NFL Week 17 games for Winners and Whiners between:

Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills
Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings
Los Angeles Chargers at Denver Broncos

Week 16 Review:

Note to self: When you here the pang of your gut, listen to your gut. Or easier translated: Sometimes the simpler narrative is the right one to follow. In last week’s case, it was the case of thinking the Raiders would respond to the potential finality of a last home game in the Oakland Coliseum and pole-axing a Denver Broncos team simply playing out the string. In some respects, the two picks I got right in that Monday night fiasco were pure luck.

Also a quick note for you, the readers of this space. First, THANK YOU for reading! Hopefully, I’ve done well enough for you to not loathe me. Secondly, I have been informed I will be handling the AFC for the postseason in a way similar to how I break down Monday night games. Thus, the timeline works like this:

Monday night: Short lookahead
Thursday night: Deep dive preview covering both sides of the ball.
24-36 hours before kickoff: One last update based on line movement and injury reports.

One important thing to note: The format Winners and Whiners uses for Monday night only allows for a full game spread pick and full game over/under. Only HERE will you find the complete six-pick listing that I usually make with each preview I do. If that changes, I will inform you accordingly.

So follow Winners and Whiners on Twitter here (@WinnersWhiners) and follow me here @AlTruda73

For the individual games that have six picks, remember the 5/5 is simply the best pick of that individual game, not the entire week. There will be two other four and five-star picks among the rest of the Week 17 selections.

That said… ONTO THE GAMES!

Sunday, December 30

Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills:

Full Game — Bills -3.5 (5/5) — WIN!
Full Total — UNDER 39.5 points (3/5) — LOSS!
Full Prop — Bills UNDER 22.5 points (3/5) — LOSS!
1st Half — Dolphins +3 (3/5) — WIN!
1st Half Total — UNDER 19.5 points (3/5) — LOSS!
1st Half Prop — Dolphins OVER 8.5 points (4/5) — WIN!

Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings:

Full Game — Bears +5.5 (3/5) — WIN!
Full Total — UNDER 40.5 points (3/5) — WIN!
Full Prop — Vikings UNDER 23.5 points (4/5) — WIN!
l1st Half — Bears +2.5 (5/5) — WIN!
1st Half Total — UNDER 20 points (3/5) — WIN!
1st Half Prop — Bears OVER 8.5 points (3/5) — WIN!

Los Angeles Chargers at Denver Broncos:

Full Game — Chargers -6.5 (5/5) — WIN!
Full Total — OVER 41.5 points (3/5) — LOSS!
Full Prop — Broncos UNDER 18.5 points (4/5) — WIN!
1st Half — Chargers -3.5 (3/5) — WIN!
1st Half Total — OVER 20.5 points (3/5) — LOSS!
1st Half Prop — Chargers OVER 12.5 points (4/5) — LOSS!

Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans — UNDER 40 points (3/5) — WIN!
New York Jets at New England Patriots — OVER 46.5 points (4/5) — LOSS!
Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints — UNDER 42.5 points (3/5) — LOSS!
Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants — Giants -3 1st Half (3/5) — LOSS!
Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers — UNDER 51.5 points (5/5) — LOSS!
Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers — Packers -5.5 1st Half (3/5) — LOSS!
Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers — Steelers UNDER 29.5 points (3/5) — WIN!
San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams — Rams -10.5 (3/5) — WIN!
Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens — Ravens -6.5 — LOSS!
Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks — Seahawks -7 1st half (5/5) —LOSS!
Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins — Redskins UNDER 17.5 points (4/5) — WIN!
Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs — Chiefs -3.5 1st quarter (3/5) — WIN!
Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans — UNDER 44 points (3/5) — LOSS!

This Week’s Record: 17-14 (.548)
Season Record: 197-181-1 (.521)

1-Star Pick Record: 0-0 (.000)          Season (0-0, .000)
2-Star Pick Record: 0-0 (.000)          Season (0-0, .000)
3-Star Pick Record: 10-10 (.500)      Season (139-128-1, .521)
4-Star Pick Record: 4-2 (.667)          Season (27-31, .466)
5-Star Pick Record: 3-2 (.600)          Season (31-22, .585)

Author: Chris Altruda

Currently a freelance sportswriter on the hunt for full-time work. If you like my work or have constructive criticism, please share it and/or contact me at chris.altruda@hotmail.com or via Twitter at @AlTruda73 My portfolio of clippings can be viewed at http://www.clippings.me/caltruda And thank you for taking time out of your day to read my posts.

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