This is the condensed version of picks for the NFL Week 8 game for Winners and Whiners between:

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills:

Week 7 Review: And it was going all so well until Monday night, when it all came undone like a cheap suit thanks to the suddenly potent pass rushes of both teams. That angered me about missing the over. Then, once the Falcons went ahead 23-12, the Murphy’s Law of the worst possible betting outcomes came through as the Giants not only scored a touchdown, but then converted the two-point conversion to ruin the spread pick. Aside from that game, almost everything else about Week 7 went well.

Three of the losses felt like one-offs: Watching the Chargers blow a seven-point lead as the Titans ran the ball during their two-minute drill was maddening, the Eagles’ self-inflicted Heimlich against Carolina was puzzling, and the Chiefs’ decision to do the gentlemanly thing and call four running plays inside the Bengals 10 while up 45-10 to ruin the over was aggravating. But that overlooks the good, helped by Justin Tucker’s wide-eyed miss of an extra point, the Patriots being favored by less than a touchdown, and the Lions taking the Dolphins behind the woodshed.

Then again, if I didn’t have something to complain about every week, how would I entertain you? Onto the picks!

Thursday, Oct. 25

Miami at Houston: Texans -7.5 (3/5) — WIN!

Sunday, Oct. 28

Philadelphia vs. Jacksonville (Wembley Stadium in London) Eagles -3.5 (3/5) — WIN!
Washington at New York Giants — Redskins -1.5 (3/5) — WIN!
Seattle at Detroit — Seahawks +3 (3/5) — WIN!
Cleveland at Pittsburgh — Over 48.5 points (3/5) — WIN!
Denver at Kansas City — Chiefs -6.5 1st Half (5/5) — LOSS!
Tampa Bay at Cincinnati — Bengals -4 (3/5) — LOSS!
Baltimore at Carolina — Under 44 points (4/5) — LOSS!
New York Jets at Chicago — Jets +9.5 (3/5) — LOSS! 
Indianapolis at Oakland — Colts Over 13.5 points 1st Half (3/5) — LOSS!
San Francisco at Arizona — Over 41.5 points (4/5) — LOSS!
Green Bay at Los Angeles Rams — Rams -6 1st Half (5/5) — LOSS!
New Orleans at Minnesota — Over 54 points (3/5) — LOSS! 

Monday, Oct. 29

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills:

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills: Patriots -14 (3/5) — WIN!
New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills Over/Under: Under 44.5 points (3/5) — WIN!
New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills Full Prop: Bills Under 15.5 points (4/5) — WIN!
New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills 1st Half: Patriots -7.5 (5/5) — LOSS!
New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills 1st Half Over/Under: Over 22.5 points (3/5) — LOSS!
New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills 1st Half Prop: Over 7.5 points 1Q (3/5) — LOSS!

Previous Week’s Record: 8-11 (.421)
Season Record: 68-76 (.472)

1-Star Pick Record: 0-0 (.000)          Season (0-0, .000)
2-Star Pick Record: 0-0 (.000)          Season (0-0, .000)
3-Star Pick Record: 7-6 (.538)          Season (50-47, .515)
4-Star Pick Record: 1-2 (.333)          Season (7-18, .280)
5-Star Pick Record: 0-3 (.000)          Season (10-11, .476)


Author: Chris Altruda

Currently a freelance sportswriter on the hunt for full-time work. If you like my work or have constructive criticism, please share it and/or contact me at chris.altruda@hotmail.com or via Twitter at @AlTruda73 My portfolio of clippings can be viewed at http://www.clippings.me/caltruda And thank you for taking time out of your day to read my posts.

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