MLB Picks — August 25 (Atl vs. Mia, Pit vs. Mil)

These are the condensed versions of picks for Saturday’s MLB games between the Atlanta Braves and Miami Marlins, and the Pittsburgh Pirates and Milwaukee Brewers for Winners and Whiners. Confidence rating is in parentheses.

Game 1 — Atlanta Braves vs. Miami Marlins

Side Prediction/Full Game: Braves -161 (5/5)
Total Prediction/Full Game: Over 7.5 runs -115 (4/5)
Prop Prediction/Full Game: Over 25 R+H+E -125 (3/5)
Side Prediction/Half Time: Braves -0.5 runs -115 (3/5)
Total Prediction/Half Time: Over 4 runs -120 (3/5)
Prop Prediction/Half Time: No to 1st-inning run (-140) 4/5

Game 2 — Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Milwaukee Brewers

Side Prediction/Full Game: Brewers -130 (3/5)
Total Prediction/Full Game: Under 8.5 runs Even (4/5)
Prop Prediction/Full Game: Under 27.5 R+H+E -125 (3/5)
Side Prediction/Half Time: Brewers -0.5 runs +105 (3/5)
Total Prediction/Half Time: Under 4.5 runs -110 (4/5)
Prop Prediction/Half Time: No to 1st-inning run -120 (4/5)

Previous Day’s Record: 5-13
Season Record: 44-52

1-Star Pick Record: N/A
2-Star Pick Record: 0-1
3-Star Pick Record: 27-34
4-Star Pick Record: 12-12
5-Star Pick Record: 5-5

Author: Chris Altruda

Currently a freelance sportswriter on the hunt for full-time work. If you like my work or have constructive criticism, please share it and/or contact me at or via Twitter at @AlTruda73 My portfolio of clippings can be viewed at And thank you for taking time out of your day to read my posts.

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